If I Were Lost on Lost…

I think this so often when I watch that tv show… I think about what I would miss most if I dropped from the sky to an island with none of my belongings, none of my things.. . I would not miss my telephone. At all. I hate talking on the phone, which actually has cost me some friendships, but that’s another post for another day…. I would not miss my tv ( even though, ironically enough, I’m writing about a tv show premise ). My computer? Well, some. I prefer this communication medium. But mostly I would miss it so I could order books…whenever I want them…dropped to the island like they’re dropped into my mailbox… I honestly feel like I would go stark raving mad without them. I would be so bored! I was so happy for Sawyer when he got his glasses so he could read.  If I have a book with me I can deal with having to wait anywhere, at any time.Books to me are like candy to Hurley.  Also I would need my books to help me fall asleep at night….But then again, most of all I would need my meds delivered to the island so I could stay alive long enough to read all my book air drops….What would you need?


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5 Responses to “If I Were Lost on Lost…”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    I would need my Ipod. I would need my music to get me through. Then maybe I could borrow your books and we could do an exchange??? 🙂

  2. wpm1955 Says:

    This is my favorite show, too!

    Madame Monet

  3. Miki Says:

    Funny, Psych, I hate to speak on the phone too! Or at least hate to be forced to speak on he phone!
    I wouldn´t miss my phone, I wouldn´t miss the TV, I wouldn´t miss my books…
    I would miss my painting stuff, I guess. And I would miss my computer and internet.

  4. brightfeather Says:

    I live on a small island that’s both semi-remote and expensive to get to. And, I love it here!

    I do not own a cell phone and that’s no big deal because it so happens that in area of the island that I live on cell phones don’t work. Every summer when tourists shop at our sales booth I get endless hours of entertainment watching them freak out when they discover they cannot report every fart and burp they make to their “dear” ones that they just saw less than an hour ago. To put this in perspective there is no spot on the rock that it could take more than an hour to get to by automobile and land lines are in almost every household.

    I’ve only had a computer for 5 years so I can easily turn the clock back and know what my life would be like without one. I would be outdoors more often than I am now. I would be more physically fit than I am now because I would be outside more often and I would be doing physical things that burn energy like walking, hiking, beachcombing and swimming, horseback and bicycle riding. I would be in face-to-face contact with more people than I am today because I would have no cyclops to commune with and through. I would do more volunteer work and, without doubt, I be more involved in my community.

    I’m not kidding myself about my techno addiction. I do not require a computer and an internet connection — I desire them.

    I received a wake-up call with regard to being addicted and as of January 1st I now walk or ride for at least 1 hour every day – rain or shine. I spend 2 hours less per day on the keyboard than I did last year. I now attend a yoga class and two aerobics classes every week as well. But those are not the biggest changes I have made.

    The really big change I have made is between my ears. I now devote the same amount of time, energy and caring to the face-to-face conversations that I have with my family and friends, as I do to writing blog posts and making comments on blogs.

    If you are considering making a single change in your life then my “biggy” is the one that I recommend. It was not easy to establish balance in my life. My crafty brain thought up all kinds of sleazy ways to rationalize me going back onto the techno tit for hours on end but I’m determined to make this change.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share and best wishes to you all. 🙂

  5. psychscribe Says:

    Welcome Brightfeather, It certainly sounds like you live as close to the real thing (meaning the Lost concept) as most of us ever will. Your post is insipiring – my worst addiction is to blogging – it has brought me so much satisfaction, yet it takes me away from my primary goal, which is to be writing my novel, not in my blog! But I”m afraid if I let go of this daily endeavor, I’ll lost my readers! Come visit again. Psychscribe

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