Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence

Read here about why it matters. The statistics are sobering.


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4 Responses to “Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence”

  1. wpm1955 Says:

    This is very sad. I recently read an article about the animals vets see who are habitually sexually abused by people. The debate is over accusing the people, who then may just kill the animal, to cover up their behavior, instead of bringing it to a vet.

    Madame Monet

  2. psychscribe Says:

    How disgusting is THAT? That takes us back to our other discussion on Cafe Crem about human domestic violence and why women stay. The most lethal time for women is when they try to leave- statistically that’s when they are murdured. I also remember in my work at the battered women’s agency, ten years ago now, that another reason they stayed was for their pets. At that time there was no provision for pets in the shelters. It may be different now…

  3. Claudia Says:

    I left my ex-husband who emotionally abused me for 8 years about a year and a half ago. He spent the last year of our marriage abusing my cat as well….who at the time was a kitten. We are both (my cat and I) recovering, but I wonder if she will ever fully recover…she didn’t know or understand why he would throw her around when he got mad at me. We’re now divorced, and I made a point of getting legal custody of her in our divorce settlement. I don’t ever want her exposed to that monster again.

  4. e2c Says:

    I honestly don’t think i can handle the article (at link) right now, so … let me recast this a bit:

    People who are kind and attentive to animals are, more than likely, going to be that way with other human beings.

    I think about this often, now that I have a house rabbit. (if you’re interested in learning more about rabbits as family pets – and about what it’s like to live with one – check out )

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