What Did You Learn About Love From Your Parents?

They were your first teachers, after all. Did you learn that love was a cold and distant thing, an economic family unit with no sense of affection or connection between your parents? Or did you learn that love hurts? That you need pain to feel love? Or that to love is to risk abandonment, because you saw it as well as felt it, unnoticed,  yourself?  If you are lucky, you learned that love is friendship and connection and sexy and nurturing and romantic and expansive. Most of all you learned that love is unconditional. ….Think about it, and then think about your own committed relationship….Are you repeating it?



2 Responses to “What Did You Learn About Love From Your Parents?”

  1. glaize Says:

    I guess they taught me that love is unconditional. Growing up witnessing them fight sometimes, expressing their dissatisfaction on one another to their children e.g. mother to daughter yet they stood by and for each other still. Nobody’s perfect and what’s marriage without a little fight, right? Besides, they only fought over who’s late and what’s for dinner (plus any other small matters). In my own relationship, I think I’m kinda repeating them, a bit. After all, whenever someone asked me why I loved the guy I love, I’d simply say “I love him”. I believe it sums up all the reasons I could ever think of.

  2. psychscribe Says:

    Welcome, glaize. You are so fortunate to have learned and lived all the positives from your parents. As a couples therapist, of course, I see the troubled couples who are inevitably repeating their parents’ dynamics. Thanks for visiting. Psychscribe

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