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Psychscribe Quote #20

March 4, 2008

“There is no birth of consciousness without pain.” Carl Jung

(Fittingly enough after previous entry!)


Shrink’s View from the Couch

March 4, 2008

Well I told you all that I’m trying hypnotherapy for my lupus, in order to hopefully kill the psychological dragons that are lying in wait to attack my body…I’ve been in therapy before (as any good therapist should) but this is really really hard. Because my therapist is all about releasing the trapped emotions in the body which are causing the disease (needing to be expressed). Makes sense, doesn’t it? Only thing is, I hate it! You can’t get away from your emotions when you’re focused on where they are in your body the whole entire session, and I know this as a shrink, I always tell my clients “you have to feel in order to heal” but I sure don’t like doing it myself!  Avoiding painful emotional trauma  is something I learned in childhood, of course, a wonderful coping mechanism at the time, so I’m really not liking to have to go there now….on the other hand, if it can save my life I can’t thing of a better motivator! So I truly feel forced to go deeper than I ever have before…and I don’t like feeling forced to do anything.

Signed with painful honesty, Psychscribe