Couples Clue Phone #3 by Psychscribe


 What NOT to say: “Do you wanna go upstairs and fool around?” or “Do you feel like having sex tonight?”  Such direct approaches generally yield zip in the bedroom because they’re not exactly a turn on.  Better: when you’re feeling amorous, be seductive and romantic. I don’t have to tell you how. You know you  remember, and isn’t your partner worth the trouble? Not to mention the money you’ll save on marriage counselors.

Copyright 2008 Psychscribe


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One Response to “Couples Clue Phone #3 by Psychscribe”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    This is SOOOOOO True! I hate it when my husband is shall we say forward. He used to think it was sexy to rip off the covers and show me what he had waiting. Umm wow… *sigh* Im sure I should have been more impressed. Now he has learned to be more subtle and he gets a lot further…

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