Do you remember your first kiss?

Usually women remember this far more easily than men do….Mine was gross. I was 12. Twelve year olds were so innocent in those days…A boy a couple of years older walked me home and gave me a disgustingly wet  face washing. Its amazing I ever let another boy kiss me again! Talk about an almost tragic defining moment!  But I did, thank goodness!  Do you remember yours? Tell us, please!



15 Responses to “Do you remember your first kiss?”

  1. gem Says:

    Mine is the opposite! I had my first kiss when I was in my late teens. It was with my first boyfriend then. We were walking in the park, sharing some stories under the moon and stars. Before we parted we shared a kiss.

    It was a new feeling then and I could not really forget that moment.

  2. lirone Says:

    I was definitely a late starter but moved fast once I got going – first kiss at 20 followed by a rapid exploration of further intimacies over the next few days! All well worth waiting for!

  3. innovatel Says:

    Oh yes, I remembered … but now I think it was not a good idea to kiss that girl 😦

  4. giannakali Says:

    I was also twelve. He was my first boyfriend. We wandered around the local fairground all day holding hands.

    He guided me off the main fair into a stand of trees. I knew what was coming. He kissed me open mouthed and I responded with shock. I was expecting a nice little peck with lips closed.

    His response—also a 12 year old, “You’ll learn.”

  5. Karin Says:

    my first kiss was when i was 16, it was the most embarrasing thing iv ever faced heh at the time of course, anyway this guy tried to kiss me and i went bright red and had a panic attack on the spot, needless to say he dumped me very soon after 😀

  6. Miki Says:

    Oh yes i remember my first kiss! I was about 6 years old… I spent most of the time with my little cousin, who was one year younger than me. I kind of misused him as a slave… I had seen many adults kissing and I really was very curious to know the feeling. So one day I locked him in my bedroom and I forced him to kiss me on the mouth, a French kiss of course! And then for months and months I was terrified that he had made me pregnant with this kiss!!! (I am not kidding here, I was really scared!)

  7. psychscribe Says:

    Well, it seems like gem and lirone were the only ones of us who had a good first experience. Miki! that poor little boy!!! You might have traumatized him for life…unless, of course, that little boy was kevin!

  8. Love Bird Says:

    Yes, I remember my first kiss. It was the most sensual kiss coz it was first. He was 3 years older than me. In our date, he was playing with my hair, suddenly our eyes met. I felt as if i was being pulled towards him until out hot lips and tongue met.

  9. brightfeather Says:

    I have a great deal of difficulty with questions that focus on your first kiss and/or sexual experience. Yet, they abound in the blogosphere.

    Given that for the majority of us these first experiences were welcomed and consensual so remembering them and sharing them is a positive and wonderful experience. But the same is not the case for all of us. Some first time experiences were at least unpleasant and at most horrific.

    The reason I never ask these questions on my own blog is because I lack the professional skills and expertise required to “be there” for those who may describe their first times as a living nightmare from which they have never recovered.

    I have seen that happen on a blog. I have seen a woman write what happened to her and I also saw that none of those posting comments, including the blogger who posted the question were able to be there for her. It was a really disturbing experience and I have no idea whatever became of her or if she ever sought and got the counseling that she so desperately needed.

  10. lirone Says:

    A valid point brightfeather… and my heart goes out to those who’ve had unpleasant first experiences.

    But I would say that the blogosphere isn’t unique – The whole of the media bristles with this kind of question, and the whole rosy haze around romance. It’s hard for anyone to avoid it entirely.

    And it’s almost impossible to write something personal to you that doesn’t risk triggering painful memories for someone else.

    So while I understand why you refrain from asking these questions, I don’t actually think it’s wrong to ask them. Your example does sound disturbing, but it’s impossible to know if someone responded off thread, which might have been appropriate in this case.

    If a blogger were were asking specific questions about trauma, then professional experience would definitely be a good idea, but this isn’t what’s happening here.

    I think it’s fine to ask questions like this that aren’t problematic for the majority of the population, with a good intention. If something awful comes up, I think it’s OK to say, “that sounds awful, I can’t really help you but have you considered seeking professional advice?”

  11. psychscribe Says:

    Dear brightfeather, i am so sorry if my question triggered you in any way. I proposed it as a rather humorous question, since my own first kiss was…yucky! As lirone says, if you were triggered big time i would certainly see a professional. The rest of the comments were pretty much what I would have expected from a question like that. However I do honor your opinion and thank you for it.

  12. HoneyHiHi Says:

    My first kiss happened after a drunken night at a bar. Unfortuately I had just met the guy. He was saying all the rights things like he fancied me the first moment he saw me, that we could have loads of fun together and that we should go to southern france together. We must remember this was 3 hours after meeting him and now I realise it was definately the drink talking. We were dancing on the dance floor with his arms around me and it felt like a nice place to be. I moved my hands down his back and on his bum a couple of times and he did the same to me. Then all of a sudden he put his hands on my face and moves in to kiss me. I must say i was a little disappointed because his mouth felt very cold and wet and he had a lot of stubble. There was also a bad after taste left in my mouth. Then he went in for seconds and I felt obligated to kiss him again and this time he pushed his tongue in my mouth. It was not at all how I expected my first time to be.

  13. BeeBee Says:

    Didnt happen not too long ago.. i was 15 and i was at a party. And the guy i liked for a while was there, i got really excited :)! soo we sat together the whole entire time! holding hands and just talking about life … then our eyes met and then it happened, as simple kiss on the lips that was actually passionate. I had butterflies in my stomach and it was a feeling that i never felt before, and boy do i remember that feeling!! we were slightly intoxicated 😉 but not enough to make us tipsy… but hey! i loved it ❤

  14. psychscribe Says:

    Welcome, BeeBee! Sounds like something out of a movie. Never, ever forget it!!!

  15. rose Says:

    i was 14 when i got my first kiss n Really the first kiss very shocking for me becoz i was not prepared for that, but after i realized that ………which make me so……..some bufferly are grooming on my stomach!!!
    still i remember……

    Welcome to my blog, rose. Glad it was a nice memory.

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