Has Anyone Ever Heard of SOUL murder???

I heard today about a pedophile priest, who admitted to using many child prostitutes. If that isn’t SOUL MURDER I don’t know what is. He was sentenced to 5 years. FIVE years.

Bad enough he used these poor children, working either as slaves, or to make a living on the streets, or to feed their parents, but he also passed up an opportunity to RESCUE them from their plight.

SOUL MURDER . And for that he got five years.


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One Response to “Has Anyone Ever Heard of SOUL murder???”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    When someone uses their position of power to their own gain, especially one of religious power I believe that their punishiment should be especially harsh. They should be held to a higher standard. Almost as a doctor is to his patients.

    I guess this is the age old thing… total power corrupts totally. It is a sickening thing and turns me from organized religion over and over again.

    Soul murder is the least of this person’s crimes. Its the ripples of crimes that continue from this person’s misdeed into the lives of all of the victims family and people that their lives in turn touches. Sometimes they too become abusers. Sometimes they can never ever find peace in their own lives and live horrible self destructive existances hurting those around them. This isnt even mentioning the congrigation of people who lose faith because of the person’s actions.

    It makes me despair….

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