Therapist murderer got clean exam days before attack

This news article  raises serious questions about both the mental health system and the legal system.  Mental health? Obviously unconscionably poor record keeping which, had all the facts been included, might have kept the man inpatient until he was stabilized.  A patient’s prior history is always included in the decision making. But some psychiatric disorders statistically include non-compliance with medications and one can’t legally hold someone based upon statistics.  Which also merges with other legal issues. Way back when (the 70’s?)  the mentally ill were released in droves from insitutions to the streets in the name of patients’ rights…unfortunately they were left with no rights to  shelter, aftercare, or treatment. Which actually merges with economic issues in terms of provider decision making…who’s paying for care, and how much is being paid?


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5 Responses to “Therapist murderer got clean exam days before attack”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Mental illness is one of those issues no one wants to admit or deal with. Days where people were taken off to padded cells and left to die flash through one’s mind. Family and friends turn a blind eye and make excuses for poor behavior. Plus with our society being all about ME based, who cares about what anyone else is doing anyway?

    I am sorry, I think part of this problem is in the part of our mental health professionals where they don;t treat the entire individual. So much is relied on drugs these days and forget about real therapy. Patients arent given proper tools to cope when they have crisis times. And that is something that is really needed. Diet and excercise are never brought into play when they are so important too.

    People affected with Bi-Polar we rely on them to take their meds. And it is a simple fact that they 100% of the time come off of them when they are in a manic stage and feel that they are well and dont need them anymore. We then go through the whole back to square one with them again. There needs to be more tools there for these people to use. I know so many just given drugs and sent home. Its terrible. They are a danger to themselves and their loved ones and anyone they come in contact with!

    Sorry for my rant… this is a personal pet peeve…

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  3. leafless Says:

    Unless perceptions towards mental illness change, it’ll continue to be a problem. Not every patient with mental illness is dangerous, and not every crime is related to a person’s mental state. The media loves to put out this biased narrative.

  4. psychscribe Says:

    leafless: I agree with your point about the media and the public’s perception of mental illness. But my point is that some crimes are related to a person’s mental state, and that the system fails the public as well as the individual person with the mental illness.

  5. @mmonyte Says:

    Mental Illness is expensive to treat, and difficult to treat. Here in the UK the authorities aren’t interested unless (a) the patient is an immediate danger to others and (a very secondary (b)) a danger to themselves. The situation is further complicated by the fact that 80% of current psychiatric patients in hospital or other institutions have been cannabis users, and we are facing an “epidemic” of drug-induced psychiatric problems which leaves the rest of us scratching around for what ever help is left over.

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