You get what you want when you GO for it

I just read that John Grisham had his first novel rejected 15 times before he had it published. Last year he made 9 million dollars….so why am I sitting her blogging when I should be going for MY dream of writing a book? Actually, I have published articles, but that was years ago. I recently bought all the how to books again, and they say you should query with recently published clips. Yeah,, right, I think my last one was 15-20 years ago! But this has inspired me to get my butt moving. Ciao everyone! Enjoy your day!


2 Responses to “You get what you want when you GO for it”

  1. lirone Says:

    Go for it… but do keep blogging too!

  2. Gem Says:

    For me, putting up a this blog that constantly invites readers to put on their responses is a SUCCESS!

    I had this similar experience lately. I sniffed out all the leads to be able to find opportunities. There are, in every way, but I have to choose.

    I have entered into remote work that was recommended by a friend. As a skilled programmer, I got interested, and so I found myself to be a freelance worker.

    I got superb skills that my previous employers wowed me on. As soon as I applied to offshore jobs, I realized that I was nothing to the dozens of applicants interested in the same jobs that I was applying too. I kept on getting rejections, often ignoring my accomplishments in lieu for another applicant with a much lesser skill and abilities set (but a more robust experience).

    I realized that I had to move on. I began asking questions. I learned some answers. I turned to the online community for help. I WENT FOR IT! I tried the tips and strategies. Then I got an interview, and then I was hired, and now another interview… In a way I am glad someone took notice of what I can do.

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