Man arraigned in murder of NYC therapist


This is the man being held for second degree murder of that therapist in recent news   . (Hello????? He allegedly butchered her with a cleaver? Second degree??????)  It now appears he may not have been her patient. I am comforted by this, though I am still getting a panic button for my office.  Ugh…this whole thing has shaken me to the core….and such sorrow for her family…


One Response to “Man arraigned in murder of NYC therapist”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    2nd degree huh? Hmmm They got him with in the office with the cleaver. Even in Clue a gameplayer can do better than that!

    I mean, I realise if it is a fit of passion and not pre-meditated, that is one thing. But he would have had to bring the cleaver to her office wouldnt he have??????? This is really nuts.

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