NY Therapist Murdered by Patient

Horrified, I watched the story on the news this morning, shocked and  stunned.  At 9 o’clock last night a patient went in and used a cleaver and a knife to murder his therapist, a 57 year old woman.   Another male therapist tried to come to some assistance, but was injured and unable to stop the carnage. This is truly every therapist’s worst nightmare, and a wake up call to me to get a security system that goes right to the police station.

I think this is also a wake up call to therapists everywhere to thoroughly screen prospective patients on the phone before even making the first appointment. There are a lot of ways we can ask questions and history to make an educated guess if this is a safe person or not. I’m not saying the victim of this murder didn’t do the screening. I am saying too many therapists I know do NOT.  Way too many of us feel that we work with “issues” not “pathology”. But sadly, as this incident proves, pathology has no boundaries and can surface in any of our offices.

I am so very sorry for the victim and her loved ones.


One Response to “NY Therapist Murdered by Patient”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    How scary, tragic and so close to home for you. Im not really sure if anyone can ever really see the signs of something like that about to happen. Otherwise they would prevent it. *sigh*

    Sad, sad, sad….

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