How do You Envision the Afterlife?

 For me, its the image of going home…to everyone I’ve loved and who have passed before me. And I imagine realizing, the moment I get there, that all the grief and mourning and pain of their loss was really for nothing….because it was but an instant in the scheme of eternity….and because they…and therefore I…really am in a better place… and maybe those people who died young, who I felt were cheated out of a normal life span, were actually rewarded by getting out of here early…


2 Responses to “How do You Envision the Afterlife?”

  1. leafless Says:

    But the image can also be dreadful and depressing. Leaving a beautiful life behind and venturing into a world of unknowns aren’t the best thing that could happen.

  2. amberfireinus Says:

    I have two visions of the afterlife. One is that I will be reincarnated to another place. To continue to learn and grow my spirit.

    The second is to become an angel to be a guide/mentor/helpful to those I love in my present life. A place of peace for me…

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