Psychscribe’s Shining Moment

Walking across the stage in that huge Rutgers University auditorium at age 44, and being awarded my MSW degree.

So think about it if you will and tell me, what was yours?


One Response to “Psychscribe’s Shining Moment”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Gosh, I have quite a few. Ill just name two. They both have to do with my former life. My career…

    For many years, I did major events for a living. I was blind hired and very priveledged to serve my country by doing a Presidential Receiption for Bill Clinton (not that I like him, but it was special to do something for our President)

    Events was a 24/7 job so I switched and took on a job as a project coordinator. I just happened to have an aptitude for computers and ended up fixing everyones computer all of the time. The company I worked for built kitchens on a grand scale. Think really really large scale projects. So, one day, the Vice President of the company came into my office and said ” I have an idea for you” I knew I was in trouble. When he sat down, I really knew I was in trouble. We had just won the contract to build all of the kitchens at Universal Studios Florida as the park was being constructed. He had an idea that a computer program could be built taking into account many factors of product size and need compared to volume served as to how to design each kitchen. Then he looked at me and asked me to build it. I had never done anything so complicated before in my life. But I did it and it was a huge success! That program designed all of the kitchens at Universal Studios Florida.. and they loved it so much that they in turn bought it for their Japan project!!! I was pretty proud of that!

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