Your shining moment

When you think about your life so far, what stands out for you as your shining moment in terms of feeling GREAT about yourself?


2 Responses to “Your shining moment”

  1. Miki Says:

    In fact yesterday!
    The reason being that I have been working on a new kind of art these last 3 weeks, and yesterday, after having painted many hours in the nature to get raw material for my new technique, I applied the technique to these new pieces, and it looked great, and I was simply proud of my creative mind. And of my ability to find a way to transform a problem into a positive thing (I won’t give details here, the problem has nothing to do with art, but with family…)
    Have a nice day, Coeur de Rose… I love your blog!!!

  2. psychscribe Says:

    Ah yes…the creative process is always shining for me! I am so glad your art worked so well for you when you needed it! And I’m so glad you love my blog 🙂 You hav a nice day too Miki.

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