Do bloggers ever get “discovered” for creative professional work?

Writing was my first love. Its true. Before my first kiss at age 12 ( a yucky, sloppy, uckky one!) I was writing poetry and short stories. As time went on, I had a few small successes….an essay in the NY Times, an essay in a now defunct magazine called NJ Woman, an essay in another now defunct magazine called The Monroe Monthly…and poems in various small literary journals  as well as an online one.  Then I stopped, because franky the rejections got really tedious…and so I got into my education and career as a shrink, which I do indeed have a passion for.

But the creative urge never left me. I taught myself decoupage and truly enjoy the process, similar to writing, I just sort of float off into another dimension, find myself humming as I work, and consider it to be a passion….actually I don’t endeavor to do anything in my life which is not a passion – my lover, my career, my work, my hobbies….

But still….this blog as re-awakened my passion for writing. I love it, even if I only write small blurbs. I love that I can find old stuff I wrote 25 years ago and finally publish it!  

I love that I can get reactions to my work – its not just flung blindly out into the universe landing in a never to be read slush pile somewhere. Though I have to say that the rejection letters I got were rarely form letters…they were personal and explained exactly why the piece wasn’t right for them…

Anyway, as my title here asks, has anyone ever gotten “discovered” by a publisher who read their blog?


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7 Responses to “Do bloggers ever get “discovered” for creative professional work?”

  1. giannakali Says:

    my husband got a position at a newspaper as a journalist because of his writing on a blog–a major international newspaper. I suppose I hope to follow in his footsteps once I’m recovered. Though I don’t know what I want my future to be. Writing or speaking—helping people somehow with the journey I am currently on.

    I’ve been reading you a while. Not had anything to say before today.


  2. amberfireinus Says:

    No, but I have had MANY people tell me that I should write a book.

    I think that you too have a unique view of the world and have something that people would be interested in hearing. Especially about relationships.

    I like your thoughtful questions. I enjoy reading you each day. Sometimes, I go away from your blog and think before I respond, others I have the answer right away.

  3. khamisi Says:

    Well I read about one gal that got a book published. She was living in her car and started blogging about her experiences. She got helped and a book published. I wish you good luck, I do enjoy your writing very much and hope that it brings you the same enjoyment.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Not yet but I’m hoping, aren’t we all? I did hear that Diablo Cody started blogging about her experience in the sex world and that eventually led to Juno. I think it was something she made happen however. She entered the sex world to have something of interest to blog about.

  5. psychscribe Says:

    Thanks for all the responses, everyone. Bottom line, of course, is if I really want to be professionally published I need to make it happen, go after it, I realize that…but ah, how easy the fantasy of being discovered! Living in a car to do it? No thank you! Entering the sex world? I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!

  6. viv66 Says:

    It would be the modern take on a dozen classic fairytales, wouldn’t it, though to be discovered this way. And I’ve always believed in the core truths of fairytales and why they are vital to our mental and spiritual health.
    I’d bet good money that you have Women who Run with the Wolves on your bookshelf, Psychscribe!

    You win the bet *she grins*

  7. viv66 Says:

    I’d have been disappointed it you didn’t!!!
    When I rescued a young seal about 2 years ago, when it washed up on our beach here and I sat with it for 5 hours waiting for the RSPCA, I thought deeply about Sealskin, soulskin and part of the ideas from that, as well as the legends about the seal people (selkies) is being a central theme in the novel I am working on currently!
    My dad was a follower of the horses, and I learned from him the art of a safe bet!

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