How Would You Describe Your Relationship with Yourself?

This is purposely an open ended question/title. Since most of my readers are introspective souls, I hope you will enjoy.


3 Responses to “How Would You Describe Your Relationship with Yourself?”

  1. gem Says:

    I find time to reflect on myself lately. Being out of job for this time lets me have such ample time reflecting about myself and what I wanted to do and accomplish and try out. Being busy with work puts away the attention on myself because we have to deal with such daily demands that we encounter at work.

  2. Jim Says:

    everything i wanted…and now everything i abhore

    i see each step along this life’s journey, and yet am still amazed at the magic of the power of thought…

    i have made this world a better place, and yet realize that the mistakes i have made will forever never be repaid…

    i do my best to leave as much peace and happiness, as is possible, in my wake as i pass through this life…

    and with as much humility as i can stand, steadfast keep my mind’s eye focused on the “ever-present-reality” through which i know, i will one day pass into…

    to be judged on everything i wanted…

  3. amberfireinus Says:

    This question made me think seriously and inspired my own blog post..

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