Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

I admit outright that I am completely biased, since I have two Maine coon cats,  but here’s what I think. Cats RULE. Dogs are ruled. So cat people, independant themselves, are drawn to  independent felines. . And dog people, perhaps craving devotion (?), are drawn to devoted canines. What’s your take on this?


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15 Responses to “Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?”

  1. Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? | The Quick Pet Stop Says:

    […] Big Dog wrote something noteworthy recently.Here’s a little excerpt:Dogs are ruled. So cat people, independant themselves, are drawn to independent felines. . And dog people, perhaps craving devotion (?), are drawn to devoted canines. What’s your take on this? […]

  2. Denise Says:

    I’m going with the cats all the way! my old cat Sylvester was the sweetest … he even walked with me and my partner to the store and around the park. He was also a protector cat and hissed at anyone who was being unruly!

  3. Miki Says:

    I would say that I am a cat person… but funny enough, I much more prefer dogs than cats! Exactly because of the way they are! But perhaps it is normal? being a ruler type to prefer the ruled types to live with? But this is not true either, although i love dogs, I certainly prefer the ruler types around me… I don´t like to rule persons… oh yeh, it is too complicated now!

  4. stacibo Says:

    Of course I can’t resist weighing in here! I am a cat person who agreed to get a dog for the sake of the family. BUT…I have fallen in love. I would say that beyond devotion, dogs offer the gift of unconditional love. My husband says our dog “takes all the badness” out of the day. Whether it’s a dog or cat, what I most enjoy is having daily connection with a non-human.

  5. psychscribe Says:

    stacibo: Funny. I do feel like my cats offer unconditional love…and i take such comfort from them.

    miki: ummmm…yes, you are a complicated person! Hugs! Psych

    Denise: your cat sounds awesome!

  6. khamisi Says:

    I am a cat person through and through. Desmond Morris made the observation that dogs are pack animals whereas most cats live individually, because of the pack’s living arrangements dogs tend to think inside the box and so people who think inside the box are more inclined to be dog people. Cat people and cats are different. Not that I do not like dogs but they smell, are noisy and crap allot hahaha, give me cat a anyday. I spent some time working for real dog people who hated cats, they humanized their dogs and where extremely inside the box thinkers. This drove me nuts and their horrible spoilt dogs cured me of any residual desire I might have had to ever own another dog.

  7. psychscribe Says:

    thank you khamisi! what an inersting post!

  8. goodbear Says:

    i never saw this original post of yours until your post today saying no dog people responded. there are tons of dog folks on wordpress.

    i have one dog and one cat. i love them both for different reasons. but reading the previous comments, i guess i don’t need to defend my love of a cat, so i’ll just say why i love dogs so much, too. i wouldn’t say i’m inside the box, but that’s ok if you think i am. yes, the obvious part is the unconditional love, but my dog is also so much fun. he loves to play and he loves to make me laugh. he does silly things on purpose and i love to see him solve problems and think things out. we have tons of fun doing agility and.
    i love watching him interact with kids on pet therapy visits. he just knows who needs the love most in the room.
    also, he is social. while my cat hides for most company, cody bear welcomes everyone and is very comforting.
    a negative: so much harder to find someone to watch my dog than my cat…IF i ever get to go out of town.

  9. leakyfaucet Says:

    Definitely a dog person, I don’t think humans could have come as far as we have without dogs. Sorry to say, but other than a little company cats are useless. Dogs have helped us hunt, work, and travel- cat’s just take care of themselves.

  10. Miki Says:

    Our litttle Gypsy didn´t smell, didn´t crap and didn´t bark…I personally find that cats pee is one of the most disgusting smells!

  11. Miss Tish Says:

    It’s strange.. I am attracted to alpha males in terms of humans. But when it comes to animals, I am more drawn to male cats that are insecure and need a lot of attention. The mushy ones that always have their face in yours.

  12. psychscribe Says:

    Goodbear, just to be clear here, it was someone else who commented here, not me, who said that people who live inside the box are more inclined to be dog people 🙂 I can see why you’d say you’re a dog person based on the adorable behavior of your dog. I can also see why I am somewhat biased by my own ignorance. I’ve never had a dog for a pet. But our female cat acts just like…a cat….and our male does all the behaviors that you describe your dog doing! We always laugh and say this cat really thinks he’s a dog!

    Leakyfaucet,, your point is well taken in practical terms. But….if you could ask an anciet Egyptian what they think about the importance of cats, you might get a different answer 🙂

    Miki, yes , a lot of people have a problem with the smell of cat pee. We do our best to mask the odor in the litter boxes. On the other hand, I can’t for the life of me imagine walking a dog with a scooper and a little bag to pick up the poop. Eeeewwww!

    Miss Tish, do you think its the gender of the cat, or the personality you describe, that attracts you to male cats?

  13. di Says:

    I grew up with dogs, had many in our family, but had one cat in jr high. And that is what made me a cat person. Cats are particular about their humans, and you can bond with a cat, buit the thing about it is..a cat will pick out the human he or she most wants to bond with, as a dog may bond with all the family. Cats are easy to take care of..and can be left for a day or so, dogs are not so easy to do this with.
    I agree with someone who said that cats are like little bitty people in fur coats, my cat shares all my food, has preferences for strawberry yogurt, popcorn, potato chips, bananas, turkey, mostly anything I eat she wants to share I love my family, but I also am very attached to my little kitty.
    one cat owner in AR

  14. Suzie Says:

    Having just lost my “kitty” soulmate 2 days ago and my “doggie” soulmate in March, I can only say, I love both cats and dogs for the special devotion they bring in their own way. Not every cat or dog is what I call that very special pet. I have always had pets and at 45 yrs old, I can count the truly special friends on one hand. My Newfy, Katey of 12 years was my best friend from day one. Nothing beats hugging that big head when your feeling down. My 1 year old cat, Minkey, died in an accident. He was my security blanket. I have never had a cat that loved to curl up with you like he did. He slept in my arms, would even hug you and put his little paws on your face, to let you know just how much he loved you. Dogs can’t do that. So each of them gave love in the best way they knew how and they each made my life better. If you need independence, then maybe a cat is for you. If you want to be in control, then maybe a dog is for you. I just feel it is your personality that makes the difference, not the pet. I was lucky enough to have a dog and a cat, that was the perfect match for me. My life was much richer, calmer and filled with love because they were here. I will miss them greatly.

  15. psychscribe Says:

    Hi Suzie, I am so sorry for the loss of your pets. They do become so much a part of us, and truly feel like family members, don’t they? Thanks for visiting, I hope you return to my blog again.
    Warmly, Psychscribe

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