Alpha Males in the Animal Kingdom

Just to add a little color to the  discussion, I thought I would post what I found about alpha males from Wikipedia:

Alpha male

From Simple English Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia that anyone can change

An alpha male is the top-ranking animal in a social group. Some animals live in a social structure where the more powerful male in the group is decided by either simple play-fights or even very aggressive battles. The current alpha male must defend his ranking from younger members. When he is too old or not strong enough to win, he loses his position in the group.

The result of this is that the alpha male usually has more opportunity to mate with the available females. This system evolved because strong males will produce young which have a better chance for survival.

Some animal groups which may have alpha males

Alpha male can also refer to an aggressive, highly-ranked man in a human group – usually in a business setting. This is usually a very informal use, and sometimes seen as an insult to that person.

1.)The leader of a pack/herd/etc. 2.) The dominant male. 3.)The main source of population.

In wolf packs,the alpha male will mate with every female in his territory,whether they have mated already,or even from another den/territory.

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