Psychscribe Quote #9

“Everyone has something broken in them. Its just that in some people you can see where it is and in others you can’t”  from the movie Angie


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5 Responses to “Psychscribe Quote #9”

  1. galagame Says:


  2. amberfireinus Says:

    I love that quote. I am going to file it in my memory. It is so true.

    My Auntie Lou (at 85 years of age) is a complete spitfire. When they made her, they broke the mould. When I was 11 she told me something that I wil never forget. If you look past your first thought of it, you will see that it fits with this quote you posted. She was trying… in her own weird way to say the same thing.

    “All men are assholes, you put a bag over their heads and you cant tell one from the next!”

    Now, to a child of 11 it made me think that she was against all men.. a real man hater. But as I grew, I realised that she was trying to say that, everyone has problems. You choose which ones you can live with.

  3. itsallabouthallie Says:

    Nicely put!

    I have a friend who says all the time, we all have problems…but if one day we all were to get together with all our problems put them on a table we would look around and see others have it worse than we do. We all would happily take our problems and leave…..

  4. psychscribe Says:

    isnt’ that the truth, amber and hallie?! welcome, galagame

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