The Gift I Gave that Everyone Hated

Our kids gave us a surprise party last month. All our friends and family came, and everyone looked really great. You’d think that would be obvious since they were so  decked out and all. I mean, thought they looked great. So I printed and framed a photo of each couple for Christmas, and managed to apparently traumatize each and every one of them. Well, truth be told, it was the women who were traumatized….

Responses ranged from polite dismay, to “Omigod, I look terrible in that picture!” to “Do I really look that fat?” to my sister’s most memorable response. She opened the gift, exclaimed “But I look so old!”  and began giggling uncontrollably….which caused our mother to start giggling with her…till they were laughing so hard that tears were streaming from their eyes. (In all fairness to me, she wore a silly hat the night the photo was taken, which did not flatter her, but I figured she must have liked how she looked or why would she have worn it, you know?)

The moral of the story: I will never, ever give anyone a photo of themselves again. People always think, hope (?) that they look better than they actually do…why would I want to be a buzz kill ?!


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7 Responses to “The Gift I Gave that Everyone Hated”

  1. undercanopy Says:

    I guess this is also why there are so many horrible singers in American Idol. Most people are too sensitive to accept their flaws. 🙂

  2. Miki Says:

    Oh dear, Coeur de Rose, so sorry for you, and even more “for the uggly and fat and old persons”! But your idea was so sweet…
    Something similar happens with the portraits I paint. When somebody orders a portrait of his children, wife or husband, parents, friends, etc… they are always immensely happy with the result. But when they order a portrait from themselves, it is almost always a nightmare, they cant accept their own image… But I believe we are ALL like that!

  3. amberfireinus Says:

    Its so strange this topic. I know from my own point of view what it is you mean. I seem to hate all pictures of myself to the point I have stopped taking them.

    I dont know if I am overcritical of myself, or if it is that people are too complimentary to me undeservidly. What I see when I look at pictures of myself is definately not what others tell me I look like….

    It doesnt help that my husband takes the world worst pictures of me. I dont know how it is he manages it, but he does! Even my own mother says gosh… those are VERY unflattering every time the man takes a shot.

    Im tall and a big girl. By big I dont mean fat. I mean big. Im 5’8 and the true meaning of voluptuous. I have an hour glass type figure. Having big boobs always no matter what I do makes me look heavy in pictures. Whats even more frustraiting is here I am a size 10, and my mother can be a size 18 at 5’2 and she still looks smaller than me in pictures. How the hell does that happen? I realise that I have big bones and frame but man!

    I do have pictures of me that look like me. But to get the damn things its crazy. I know they say that even models have 100’s of shots taken of them before they go to print. Id just love to be one of those ordinary looking people in pictures where I could feel like I could keep some on hand once in a while and maybe have a record of my life.

  4. Rhea Says:

    Thank you for the lesson. I know it would be hard for someone to find a pic of me that I liked!

  5. CuriousC Says:

    Even if our mind’s eye image of ourselves ISN’t flattering, and then the image doesn’t match our photograph, etc, no wonder we are always shocked at how we look?! (did that make sense?) Funny post, who woulda thunk…

  6. psychscribe Says:

    Yes you all make perfect sense. I very rarely like a photo of myself!!!!

  7. amberfireinus Says:

    I posted a pic of myself on my blog….. this looks like me….lol!

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