Do You Love an Alpha Male?

I posted a love note mine sent me…would you be willing to tell us what you love about yours?


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8 Responses to “Do You Love an Alpha Male?”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Well… hmmm.

    Im not married to what one would call an overt Alpha Male. It doesnt really come across as such to be honest. My husband is a lovely computer geek. What makes it worse is that he’s British and very soft spoken and educated. You would expect to see him in a University somewhere with a tweed jacket and patches on his elbows.

    However! My husband is in fact the Alpha Male in so many ways. He opens my door every time (cars, and entry). I never have to put gas into my own car or get it serviced. He handles all of that.

    Although he is slight in build and you would never imagine this, he’s extremely protective. I have been very shocked a couple of times with him. Once we rented a cabin in Tahoe with some friends. The male of the couple decided to get mean to the female and was pushing her around. This guy was not only alot bigger than my husband, but was a blackbelt in Karated and could have easily killed my husband no problem. However, my husband put himself between us and that angry man, and stood his ground. He looked the guy directly in the eye and told him that he was kicked out. Period. Get his stuff he’s out of there. I was so proud.

    My husband is also not afraid to stand his ground when it comes to me or anyone else with what is right. He has character and integrity. I think these days that makes him outstanding.

    I think the most Manly thing = Alpha Male thing that my husband does is truly be a man in the best sense of the word. He cherishes me each and every single day. He makes good decisions for our household and he puts me first always. He works extremely hard and provides a wonderful life for us.

    Being married to someone with my illnesses cant be easy. Yet he takes it all in his stride. He never gets stressed about it. He is calm and the voice of reason. He is thoughtful and takes up the slack when I cant do things. If I cant cook, we eat out. If I need something, he gets up and gets it.

    I have two brothers, they are both serious Alpha Males. I spent my young life having two way over protective males ready to pounce on anyone who dared to look at their sister in any negative way. Boyfriends were trashcanned face first, ect. Neither one of my brothers can really relate to my husband. They are both Blue Collar type guys and my husband is not. My older brother asked me about David once… and how I liked such an un-Manly man and how it surprised him that was my choice. I said… dont let looks deceive you. He definately wears the pants in the family. He just expresses it differently than you!

  2. Miki Says:

    Wonderful description of your husband, Amberfireinus! I know nothing about you, it is the very first time I “meet” you but it does not matter right now, I AM SIMPLY EXTREMELY HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE SUCH A HUSBAND!
    Your words are so strong and sound so true that my computer’s heart is beating with your husband’s love and your own love right now!!! I love so much to read such love testimony!
    I won’t start telling you all about my Alpha Male, I would never stop again! Just let me tell you that he is so great, so caring, so lovely, so tender, so romantic, so crazy, so intelligent, so cool, so poetic, so charming, so natural, so wild, so humourful, so sexy, so funny, so cultivated, so integer, so honest, so faithful, etc….. that most of the time I have the feeling I can’t bear so much of a man!!!
    And… he is so humble that he will kill me if he reads that!

  3. psychscribe Says:

    Wow, I love the quiet and fiery passion that you each, respectively, describe.

  4. Kev Moore Says:

    Oh god! To read these words from Miki IS humbling. If I am any of these things it is because of her. Our meeting unlocked rooms within me that had been shuttered for a long time, and now sunlight warms them, banishing any shadows I had collected on my journey through life. I truly feel blessed that we found each other.

  5. david Says:

    I dont know if you welcome comments from a gay man, but I am almost married to an alpha male. He is a high achieving professional who is handsome, dignified, warm, very sensitive, and incredibly strong willed. I find it inspiring to be with him because he is both confident in his abilities and concerned about me simultaneously. I was married to a woman who was constantly frustrated that I was not an alpha male. Since I have my my own alpha male I understand her frustration. There is no greater joy than taking care of a strong man who is hard at work in order to take care of you. Although we are two men – both masculine and not considered “typically gay” the greatest pleasure is seeing him relax a little at the end of the day knowing I have helped make his life a little easier. Taking care of an alpha male is much more work than most women realize. They do not realize the work begins, not finishes, after the wedding. You must constantly challenge yourself to anticipate his needs – even before he does. If a woman or partner fails in this task your alpha male will become bored and unfulfilled – sapping him of the essence that attracted you to him in the first place.

    I consider myself blessed to have such a profoundly inspiring male in my life.

  6. psychscribe Says:

    Hello David, and welcome! I can’t imagine why you would wonder if I’d welcome comments from a gay man??? Regarding taking car of your alpha, you say he is also hard at work taking care of you. So that’s reciprocal, which I agree with and advocate for. I wonder, does he challenge himself to anticipate your needs? Warmly, Psychscribe

  7. Kim Says:

    I seriously read to much, Lora Leigh is my favorite author. What I would give to find a alpha male like in one of her books…all I can say is YUM.

  8. psychscribe Says:

    Hi Kim, Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog. Yum indeed 😉

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