Remember “fun”?

You know. The stuff you did when you were a kid just because you  liked to. Before achievement,  finding love,  and making a living became top priority.

If you can’t think of anything….NOT good.   A good clue would be thinking back to what you used to do…when you were a kid…you would probably still like it.

What do you do for fun now?  How many hours a week do you set aside for it? (Exercise does NOT count.)


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3 Responses to “Remember “fun”?”

  1. whupsi Says:

    Its true.
    Life seems to go downhill as soon as you enter adulthood.

  2. Scavenger Says:

    Well, I try to sneak away to cross country ski as much as possible.
    It is fun….and yes it is excercise too.
    Now aint that clever? :))

  3. Richmond Says:

    I once poured a glass of water on my sister’s plate. Just because I wanted to.

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