Consumerism Christmas & Your Relationship

For most people, this is the time of year when you expect to  exchange pretty good gifts with  your  partner or spouse. Your Person. Usually its a materialistic gift of some kind. Whatever the budget can manage, stretched tenfold, is often the norm .

Because to be brutally honest in our materialistic society, the amount of cash  spent has come to mean just exactly the amount of significance the giver accords the receiver.  I’m not saying I agree with this, I’m just commenting on  what I see. So…if you give diamonds, and recieve a candy filled mug from the local drug store…well…you might need to take a look at that. 

Not that I’m against material gifts. Actually …well……….things….stuff…girlie goodies…so if Santa is reading this please do NOT steer that sleigh in a different direction!

But, along with last year’s New Year’s resolutions, we forget all about the living, breathing  entity between the couple popularly known as “the relationship”.  We forget to nurture it, protect it, feed it and give to it. We don’t give it the same effort as we do for the children in our lives.  So I would suggest to you, in view of this theme of consumerism Christmas, that you give the gift of  time to your relationship for Christmas. 

Down time, love time, massage time, attention time,  talk time, relax time, music time, candle time, cuddle time…

Because if “time is money” and “money talks”,  what exactly  are you saying?


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One Response to “Consumerism Christmas & Your Relationship”

  1. NinjaRyder Says:

    For the past two years I have wanted to do away with all the spending for one reason alone – everyone in my family has everything they need. So now I feel the need to resort to buying gifts that I know will end up sitting in someone’s closest. I told my mother that we should do something different this year, but she immediately shot that down. She likes things the ‘traditional way’. Then there is my girlfriend, we have been active with making a lot of donations around the holiday season and I feel its more rewarding. We decided weeks ago that we would not exchange gifts this year because we’ve been spending so much. Just tonight on the couch she asks “so what you do want this year?” to which I replied “nothing, we’re not getting gifts this year, remember?” She concluded with “yeah, but I have to get you SOMETHING!”

    But I see this blog as a reminder to re-strengthen some of my long ago friendships. Something always needs improving!

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