Lupus – The Spoon Theory

This link is offered for anyone who has lupus and would like to be able to explain the fatigue aspect of it  in a non-medical way. It is also offered for anyone who would like to understand how someone so ill could look so…normal!  (or why someone who looks so normal when they come to your house for dinner does not get up to help you with anything!)(


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3 Responses to “Lupus – The Spoon Theory”

  1. Richmond Says:

    My friend’s sister died of this disease.

  2. wpm1955 Says:

    I had heard of Lupus, but don’t really know anything about it, other than that it is serious.

    Nevertheless, I read this spoon article with great interest. I also have a medical condition, and thought the way this author described the choices a person has to make all day long as a very good description.

    There are a lot of things I cannot do simply because I cannot stand a long time waiting for a taxi (we can’t call taxis where I live), when I might be stuck there not getting one (I had some recent disasters like this). Or, in terms of getting dressed int he morning, I also have some of the same difficulties, although fortunately not with knowing if I can do up buttons that day.

    Anyway, I thought this was a very interesting entry.

    Madame Monet

  3. psychscribe Says:

    You should check out the link,
    in my blogroll. The author of that post about spoons is one of the moderators of this extraordinary site.

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