What was your relationship defining moment?

Couples have an identity and therefore defining moments, just as individuals do.  A defining moment with my husband of 20 years took me, recently, totally by surprise. I  was going through the blues about the loss of my youth and youthful appearance. (Even therapists get the blues.)  He said, ” Well I think you’re still beautiful. More now than before. Because when I look at you I see all  of you … how you looked when I first met you, and how you looked over the passing years, and how you look now…like layer upon layer….all of you as one…”  I fell in love with him all over again in that moment, and I  believe it had to happen in order for our relationship to deepen to where we are now.


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3 Responses to “What was your relationship defining moment?”

  1. pandorasblog Says:

    i am going through a similar ‘evolution’ in my relationship. i am trying to be a mindful mother..a somewhat attentive wife…i am feeling over run with inadequacy issues. i also feel as my husband is annoyed by my silence, but even more annoyed with my words. i am waiting for the moment when our lives get a good hard shake and we get to reopen our eyes to see each other as lovers. im crossing my fingers.

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  3. psychscribe Says:

    Dear Pandora, please! Don’t wait for your life to get a good hard shake.If your marriage isn’t strong enough now, the shake will break it. Open your eyes and look into his now and become lovers now, because it sounds like now is passing your marriage right on by…now…

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