Funeral Procession Defining Moment from NinjaRyder

“I was driving back to my old apartment one afternoon and I had lived one block away from a church. That day I was stopped as a funeral procession exited. I waited and watched the cars go by, trying to see the kinds of people who were a part of this. However, the procession never stopped. I saw every kind of person imaginable.

I was probably there for a good seven minutes and I started to get a chill down my spine at the length of this procession. I felt this surge through me and I had a “defining moment.” I wanted that to be me! Not to pass on, but to have known and touched that many people in my life.

Ever since then I have had this drive to want to help people and I am making the time to have that happen. I’m becoming more social and more outgoing. I do volunteer work and donate to charities I believe in. I know the names of my neighbors. And I want this to increase as my life continues. I want to be an outstanding member of my community. I want to change things.

So at my eulogy? I don’t think it matters so much what they say, but how the people who are there remember how I personally affected them.”

November 16, 2007


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One Response to “Funeral Procession Defining Moment from NinjaRyder”

  1. springshiny Says:

    This entire thing puts up a question in my mind. I remember that my dad had always been helpful to people around him including his relatives. Whenever he could, he would visit them, fix up things for them since he was a mechanical engineer. He was also a person who spoke his mind. He was hospitalised for 12 days before he passed off. I had informed all his nearest kith and kin about his numbered days, yet not a single relative from his side turned up to meet him during those 12 days nor after his demise. this makes me wonder that is it enough to be good to people in ur deeds or is it that words count more than the deeds?!!!

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