What would you like to believe about yourself?

 Who has time to think these days? Who has time for introspection?  One reader, spingshiny writes “in these days of chaotic living, I seldom get the time to reflect on how I would define myself! I simply dont know. I would like to believe certain things about myself but are those qualities and attitudes the real me? I dont know.”

So think about it, if you will, and tell me….what would you like to believe about yourself?


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One Response to “What would you like to believe about yourself?”

  1. exactscience Says:

    I dont want to define myself, I can’t, I will always define the me I want to be not who I am.

    I want to be though of as young and dynamic and sensitive and a good listener with a helluva sense of humour and some days I am but …

    I am by virtue of dropping many cultural references casually am thought of as wickedly smart, my humour flits too quickly to defeatist from dark, I am capricious. I am manipulative due to me being knowing – asking an inappropriate quiestion then apologising for it being inappropriate normal yeilds an answer.

    I want to believe that I am loved despite my flaws, that people appreciate my wit and my propensity to point out the seriousness of a situation by being hyperbolic about the flip. I want to be able to die and not think I had a life that I wasted being prickish

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