Jimiyo’s comment and my response

In his comment, Jimiyo writes of his struggle for personal authenticity. Always feeling like an artist, knowing he is an artist,  but also feeling forced to go corporate in order to make a living. He has many defining moments in his story, but the one that stands out for me, the snapshot from  his life movie that seems to be his first defining moment, is when he writes:

“Then my grandfather died.

Something about having someone relatively close to you die  makes you question your purpose in life. Soon after his death, on my 28th birthday, I looked around at the

sales office lit by the dull, buzzing fluorescent lights, listening to the chatter of sales pitches, the frustrated tones of rebuttals to all the repetitive common objections that

used to suck the life out of me.

I looked around.

My heart paced.

I wanted to vomit. “

This is what I mean by defining moment. After that, he pursues his soul’s longing without fear and in doing so defines himself, measuring his success by his own standards.   This is also an inspiring comment, and my first one, on my first blog. Thank you, Jimiyo.  Perhaps you’ve given me a defining moment here. I love who I’ve become, but there’s more…there’s more…there’s a writer who has remained silent for too long due to other defining moments….but God they’ve been great….


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